Talos (short for Tyrant Armored Lethal Organic System) is the last major B.O.W. developed by the Umbrella Corporation. Initial development started in the mid-90s with the Tyrant-011 as the base organism in the Arklay Research Facility. It was conceived as a perfect Tyrant with chips implanted in its brain for remote computer control.

The first prototype was developed in Raccoon City's Arklay Research Facility and was outfitted with a variety of weapons including a missile launcher and metallic armour to restrain runaway T-virus mutation. Later, on July 24 1998, Ozwell E. Spencer ordered Sergei Vladimir to retrieve the prototype from the facility before it was ordered to be destroyed by the Umbrella board of directors.
S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team officers Rebecca Chambers and Richard Aiken witnessed the retrieval of T-A.L.O.S, which was continued to be developed in the newly-created Caucasus Research Facility in Russia alongside the Red Queen. It was activated by Sergei to battle against BSAA agents Chris Redfiled and Jill Valentine on February 18, 2003, but it was ultimately defeated by them despite the heavily armoured nature of the Tyrant. This meant the end of Umbrella's B.O.W.s program and its downfall months later.

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