Another one of Umbrella’s crazy “what if we inject the T-virus into…” ideas, the Stinger is a scorpion injected with the T-virus. Like most monsters, the scorpion grows to a massive size. Its exoskeleton became harder, its pinchers are so powerful they can cut through steel. However, they weren’t any more intelligent than normal scorpions, thus the Stinger could not be used as a B.O.W.

Somehow the Stinger escaped into the Arklay woods and one day decided crawl inside a broken down train. Inside the train were Rebecca and Billy; the Stinger had found its prey. Rebecca and Billy discovered that the Stinger’s lone weakness, its head had no exoskeleton, and so with attacks centered at the head the Stinger was defeated.

Games: Biohazard 0, Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles


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