Plant 42

This creature answers the question of what would happen if a plant had intelligence; it would kill humans of course. Plant 42 was an accident created out of the T-virus outbreak; the name derived from its location, observation point 42. A plant in the dormitories outside the mansion became infected with the T-virus. The virus caused incredible growth and massive increase in intelligence, allowing it to make judgments.

The plant decided to kill off all the humans in the area because they posed a threat. Plant 42’s tendrils spread all over the guardhouse killing anyone it could attach itself to by sucking their blood. The plant grew to become a giant bulb with tentacle like appendages, its roots firmly secure in a room in the underground water tank.

Researchers found a chemical that would weaken the plant when applied to the plants roots; the chemical was named V-Jolt. STARS members found the method to create V-Jolt and used it on the plant’s roots, yet that was still not enough to defeat it. They had to take on the plant head on.

Plant 42 was highly aggressive; its tendrils would leak out an acidic sap. It would attack without mercy, strangling anyone that came near. Fire was the major weakness of the plant and that is exactly what STARS exploited, a flamethrower was used to destroy the plant forever.

Games: Biohazard, Biohazard (Rebirth), Biohazard Deadly Silence, Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles


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