Plague Crawler

Most people already have a fear of insects; the last thing they want to see is a giant bug with the ability to kill them. That is exactly what the Plague Crawler is. Carrying over all the disgusting features of an insect, the Plague Crawler is nearly 2 meters in length and can take down a human with ease. It was created at the training facility by infecting various insects with the T-virus and then manipulating the resulting genes.

Plague Crawlers failed as a B.O.W. because of their lack of intelligence. Their program was eventually terminated but many survived. They remained hidden in the dark, damp areas of the training facility. They would usually hide on ceilings waiting for a human prey to walk underneath so they can jump down and attack with their giant pincers. Their hard exoskeletons, quickness and strength in numbers made them a formidable foe for Rebecca and Billy.

Games: Biohazard 0, Biohazard Darkside Chronicles


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