His story is a tragic one, a father betrayed by his own children and turned into a hideous monster. Nosferatu is actually Alexander Ashford, the father of Alexia and Alfred. His children used him as an experiment to test the T-veronica virus. Alexander rejected the virus and subsequently experienced horrible mutations. He grew tentacles grew out of his back, his heart became exposed and he gained the ability to spew out a venomous cloud.

Nosferatu was deemed to dangerous to be kept in a lab, so Alexia and Alfred decided to imprison their mutated father in a dungeon deep within the Antarctica base. Workers at the base heard horrific noises coming from the depths; they named the creature after the movie monster. Nosferatu escaped from his prison when Claire and Steve arrived at the base, they battled on top of a helipad. With a sniper rifle, Claire was put poor Alexander out of his misery.

Games: Biohazard CODE: Veronica, Biohazard Darkside Chronicles


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