This is quite possibly the most powerful, intelligent, highest form of B.O.W. that Umbrella has ever created. The Nemesis project began after European Umbrella branches got word that the Tyrant in the Arklay lab was not controllable. This branch of Umbrella wanted the perfectly trained monster, so they decided to start a new project to create the perfect super solider.

This lab wanted to create a brand new life form that could be injected into a Tyrant, their efforts created the Nemesis parasite. It was injected into a Tyrant’s spinal cord where it grew throughout all of the Tyrant’s system, essentially becoming the Tyrants brain. The Nemesis would gain control of all the Tyrants actions; Umbrella has control of the Nemesis so in essence they have a completely controllable Tyrant. The ultimate result is the Nemesis monster, a humanoid creature with much improved intelligence.

The Nemesis’ intelligence allowed it to operate heavy machinery, to make tactical decisions on the battlefield, and be able to listen to any order Umbrella gave it. To protect the Nemesis, Umbrella gave it a huge overcoat, which served as body armor.

The first mission of the Nemesis was to go into the infected Raccoon City and eliminate all the surviving STARS members. Like a relentless banshee, the Nemesis would hunt the STARS members systematically, saying the word “STARS” every time it came into view. The Nemesis was sent into Raccoon City with a bazooka, and had the ability to infect its victims with the T-virus using a tentacle.

The Nemesis' first victim was Brad Vickers, a pilot in STARS; he was killed by having a tentacle shoved down his throat, ultimately causing him to turn into a zombie. The next STARS member on the hit list was Jill Valentine, but she would not go down without a fight. An epic chase began than spanned all of Raccoon City, wherever Jill went the Nemesis followed. The Nemesis even blew up a rescue copter using its bazooka. Jill finally managed to hurt it after many encounters, but it did no good, she learned of the Nemesis’ other ability.

Thanks to the secretions of the Nemesis parasite, Nemesis could regenerate itself with ease, but it would mutate in the process of healing. The Nemesis began to change forms; its second form lost the overcoat and sprouted many tentacles. Jill continued to run from the seemingly unstoppable monster, eventually having no choice but to engage it in a boiler room. Using the steam pipes to her advantage she was able to buy time to escape, due to the injuries caused the Nemesis underwent further hideous mutations.

Slowly the Tyrant side began to take control of the body; the Nemesis lost its high intelligence and reverted back to its primal instincts. Its third form was a hideous looking, all consuming digestive organism. It spewed venom from all its pours, had bones protruding from its chest, and had tentacles whipping about in all directions. All it wanted to do was hunt for food. Once again Jill was the target; she and Carlos found an abandoned hanger, which housed a powerful electromagnetic weapon. Eventually Jill powered up the weapon and used it to blow the Nemesis to pieces. Even then those pieces still attempted to attack Jill. Luckily, Jill managed to escape Raccoon City but the Nemesis was not so fortunate. Nemesis was finally disposed off when Raccoon City was nuked to oblivion.

Games: Biohazard 3 Last Escape, Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles


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