Lisa Trevor

Her story is a tragic tale of a family being exploited by the Umbrella Corporation. The Trevorísí lived in the Spencer mansion because the father, George, was the architect of the mansion. Once George was finished with his work Umbrella had other plans for him. They took him and his wife and child, Lisa, and administered different strands of the prototype virus called the Progenitor Virus.

Soon the family became delusional; Lisa even ripped her motherís face off. Both her parents rejected the virus and died a few days after. Lisa though was a success; her body accepted the virus and Umbrella decided to watch her progress. For 20 years they experimented on Lisa, they even inserted the Nemesis parasite into her body. She became nearly invulnerable to everything; her body would just absorb all types of viruses. Eventually William Birkin, an Umbrella hierarch, discovered that a new strand of virus was living in her system, he would call it the G-Virus.

Eventually the hideous Lisa would be disposed of, but they could not kill her, in fact nothing would kill her. Lisa would just become a creature that lived beneath the mansion, like a phantom. When STARS were in the mansion they discovered Lisaís lair, she was an unstoppable monster. With the face of her victims covering her head and shackled hands she defended her lair from intruders. Eventually the STARS team found her mothers tomb, they fought Lisa and were able to knock her down a dark chasm into the abyss.

Games: Biohazard (Rebirth), Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles


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