This nasty looking monster is the evolution of the zombie. They began to spring up a few days after the Raccoon City outbreak all over the city. In the R.P.D. they were named by the surviving officers, they called them the Lickers because if their huge razor sharp tongue.

The Lickers are very different than zombies. The Licker brain expands and becomes the top of their head in essence. Their muscles also expand removing all their skin. They grow large claws and develop a massive tongue that is sharp enough to decapitate a human. Plus they are incredibly agile; capable of climbing on walls with and reaching high places with ease. Their one weakness is their lack of vision; their eyes have become vestigial. To compensate the lack of sight, their auditory senses became extremely sharp; capable of picking up the slightest whisper.

The Lickers posed some of the biggest challenges for Leon and Claire in their escape of Raccoon city. It seemed like at every turn a Licker was waiting to pounce on them. Deep in the underground lab Leon and Claire stumbled upon an even more powerful form of Licker. These Lickers were greenish in color, had much larger claws, and heightened abilities. Years later, Tricell produced the Licker Beta, which were regular Lickers injected with the Progenitor Virus. This type had increased strenght and muscle mass, but also their hearts were now exposed.

Games: Biohazard 2, Biohazard 5


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