Hooded Figure

The Hooded figure, as the name implies, was shrouded in mystery. The blue cloack obscures any details of the Hooded Figure's shape or form, while the plague doctor-esque mask hid any facial features, instilling a feeling of fear in any onlooker.
The scant intelligence gathered on the Hooded Figure seemed to imply a connection with Ricardo Irving, overseer of Tricell's oil refinery in Kijuju. This connection suggested that Irving was serving his own interests, rather than those of his employer, by participating in black market deals and using the Hooded Figure to further his own plans.

Reports indicated that the Hooded Figure displayed an inhuman level of strength and speed, suggesting an exposure to an advanced strain of the Progenitor Virus. Additional reports out of Kijuju said that many of its citizens have already been infected, rumoured to be due in part of the Hooded Figure's actions, and seemed to retain most of their cognitive faculties and mobility.

Accurate information on the Hooded Figure was understandibly hard to come by, given its secretive nature. The information that has been gathered thus far is composed of facts gathered from conjecture, vague hints and outright guesses in some circumstances. The true nature of the Hooded Figure remained to be seen.

However, it was revealed during the events of Resident Evil 5 that the hooded figure was actually Jill Valentine, trapped against her will by use of an implant surgically strapped to her chest which pumped her body full of a chemical known as P30. It was this chemical which gave her her super-human strength and rendered her under the control of the user; in this case, Albert Wesker.

Games: Biohazard 5


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