These poor souls were once normal villagers in a tranquil Spanish town. One day Lord Saddler arrived and used the villagers to grow his army of Las Plagas. The villagers were given the parasite and soon became violent and deranged; killing their own family members. Eventually Saddler gained full control over the villagers and they became his slaves.

The Ganado retain human thoughts and reactions, they can also speak. However, they are under the full control of Saddler. They have been ordered to protect the village at all cost, to use deadly force if necessary, and it became very necessary the day Leon showed up. Leon plowed his way through the village killing all the insane Ganado’s that came at him with pitchforks, axes, dynamite, and other weapons.
At night the Ganado’s inner Plagas can come out if injured. When beheaded the Plagas emerges from the head, with its squid like head with eyes and tentacles emerging from all sides, it can turn the tentacles into a giant axe. But Las Plagas are very susceptible to light; one flash grenade and they explode, rendering the Ganado dead. Later on in Leon’s adventure he comes across an army of Ganados. These Ganado commandos wear armor, carry better weapons and some even carry chain guns. It was clear that Saddler was training them to become an army the likes the world has never seen.

Games: Biohazard 4


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