El Gigante

Another strange mutation caused by Las plagas, El Gigante is a normal human that instead of becoming a Ganado, becomes a massive troll like creature. They are so brutal that the villagers have to keep them chained up or they would go on a killing rampage, destroying anything in their path.

The first El Gigante Leon faces was in the village. The monster tried to step on Leon, grab and squeeze him, kick him, throw trees at him, anything it can do to kill him. Leon found out that El Gigante has a small parasite in the back of the neck, Leon focused on that and with his trusty blade was able to bring the giant down. Later in the castle, Leon faced two Gigantes at the same time in a boiler room. With the help of a conveniently placed lava pit, Leon was able to kill both of them and end the line of Gigantes forever.

Games: Biohazard 4


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