Drain Deimos

This mutant came about when fleas consumed the flesh of T-virus infected organisms during the Raccoon City outbreak. The fleas grew to human size and became especially grotesque even for T-virus monsters. Their appendages come out at rather strange angles and are frightening to look at.

The Drain Deimos is named as such because it enjoys a healthy dose of human cerebrospinal fluid. To get such fluid the Deimos must sink its fangs into the prey and suck out the fluid. The males then turn into females and lay eggs creating more of these things. The Deimos’ normally stay in dark damp places; they crawl along the walls just waiting for their next prey. Jill Valentine ran into a few of these monsters on her escape of Raccoon City, they are creatures she never wants to see again.

Games: Biohazard 3 Last Escape


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