Crimson Head

The T-virus can be unpredictable at times; such was the case for one zombie. This one zombie was not like the rest; it had huge claws and is able to run at high speeds. Scientists at the Arklay lab dubbed this zombie, Crimson Head Prototype 1. They froze the specimen and extracted T-Virus samples to examine what caused the unique mutation. The creature was later moved to an underground graveyard where it laid dormant until a STARS member reawakened it and destroyed it.

But the Crimson Head threat did not end there. That strain of the T-virus was released as well. Once incapacitated zombies would undergo a process called V-ACT, their tissue would be reconstructed at a cellular level, making them much stronger than ever before. The zombie’s skin becomes blood red; they move much faster than normal zombies and are twice as hungry. There was a way to stop the mutation from occurring; it involved burning the zombies before the mutation happened. Luckily the crimson head mutations seemed to be an isolated incident, other than the Spencer lab outbreak no other cases of Crimson Heads have ever been reported.

Games: Biohazard (Rebirth), Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles


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