This creature looks like it came from the most horrible nightmare imaginable. Just looking at it strikes fear into the most hardened person. The Chimera was a B.O.W. created by Umbrella by mixing the genes of a human and a fly with the T-virus thrown in. The result is a hideous creature that is half man, half fly, and all ugly.

The Chimera’s body is a host to maggots, which just adds to its already grotesque look. Chimeras are extremely aggressive but are not very intelligent. Like an insect, the chimera loves to hide in enclosed spaces like air ducts, just waiting for its prey so it can leap out and attack. The Chimeras were set loose during the mansion incident. They took residence in the boiler room of the underground lab, hiding in vents, popping out whenever a STARS member would pass through. They might not be the most difficult B.O.W. to deal with but they sure are one of the most frightening.

Games: Biohazard, Biohazard (Rebirth), Biohazard Deadly Silence, Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles


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