One of the strangest B.O.W.’s created by Umbrella; the Albinoid is a mutated salamander that can manipulate electricity. In the rockfort island base they spliced baby salamander DNA with the T-virus to create a creature that is able to fully develop in just 10 hours.

The Albinoid begins as a small pink blob of an organism, which can emit small shocks of electricity. In about 10 hours the Albinoid grows into an adult that is larger than a human and has full control of electricity. The adult Albinoid tends to stay in water and will shock anyone that gets near. Claire received first hand experience with the Albinoid when she had to get an item submerged in the water near an adult she escaped unharmed. It is assumed the Albinoids were destroyed along with Rockfort Island.

Games: Biohazard CODE: Veronica


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