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 Username: Yama
 Name: George Melita
 Location: New York City
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About: I'm a graphic designer from New York City. I've been an avid Biohazard fan since March of 1996 when the series made it's debut in the United States. After leading various groups and rings related to the series, I decided to open a website in November of 2005. Knowing the site population was crowded, I created Biohaze as a unique take on the series. The site started as a complementary source of information or an alternative and has since grown into one of the leading Biohazard websites on the internet. Managing a project this broad to co-exist with life, work and other hobbies can be a straining, though through evolving support from dedicated members it has been nothing but fulfilling.

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 Username: cvxfreak
 Name: Alex Aniel
 Location: Tokyo (東京), Japan
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About: Became interested in survival horror games thanks to the original Silent Hill, prompting me to try CODE: Veronica on the Dreamcast for the first time in 2000. Having enjoyed that memorable experience immensely, I moved onto the other Biohazard games and haven't regretted my time with this series. I joined Biohaze after Yama introduced himself and the site to me in 2006, making various contributions ever since. Right now, I live in Tokyo as a graduate student and love to travel.

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 Username: Mr.Rod
 Name: Rodrigo Navarrete
 Location: Santiago, Chile
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About: My first contact with the series was Last Escape around late 1999 in a friend's house. Since then I've been a Biohazard fan and that's why Jill is my favourite character. I joined Biohaze on July 2006, and decided to post around September of that year, when TGS06 was running. Yama promoted me to moderator and coder of Biohaze in January 2009, and since then I always try to improve the site and forums with him. I'm currently studing graphic design, and enjoy coding, composing/remixing music and hanging out with my friends.

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 Username: SG97
 Name: Matt Ficeto
 Location: Princeton, NJ
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About: I've been a fan of video games for over 20 years now, first getting into the Biohazard series with the original a month or two after its release in 1996.I first met a couple of our members shortly after Biohaze's founder first created "Everything Resident Evil," a single topic at another website's Nintendo GameCube forum back in 2002.
I currently reside in central New Jersey, working as a Pet Care Manager for PetSmart Inc.

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 Username: TheBatMan
 Name: John Nicholson
 Location: United Kingdom
 Website: Arklay Labs
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About: I got into Resident Evil in early 1997 after myself and a couple of friends went to our local Blockbuster video store to rent a PS1 game by the name of Ace Combat. That game was taken and so we picked up Resident Evil; a game about a seemingly haunted mansion and two agents investigating it was all we knew about it. I was very into X-Files at the time and Chris and Jill seemed to be the closest I was ever going to get to play as Mulder and Scully. Needless to say we were hooked and I have invested a small fortune buying various systems and accessories to keep up with the franchise ever since. I was introduced to Biohaze in 2006 when Yama kindly agreed to host my RE timeline. I reside in the sunny UK and am a writer in my spare time.

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