Yoko Suzuki

Yoko Suzuki was a university student and was very knowledgeable with computers. She had a quiet and reserved personality, but the strength of her inquisitive mind emerged with a toughness that always surprised. However, once she got hung up on something, she was a bit slow on the uptake with other things.

She also had a hidden past and was once an employee of Umbrella. She worked as a computer technician in William Birkin’s lab and in 1996 had donated cells to an experiment involving the T-Virus that would eventually lead to the creation of the ‘Thanatos’ Tyrant. Following the experiment, Yoko had her memory erased by lead researcher, Greg Mueller and she could no longer recall any of the tests she had undertaken. She likely worked somewhere down on level B6F, for in the staff break room on that floor was her lab coat and glasses.

She was an avid reader of books and her latest titles included; “From Sea to Land”, which was a deep analysis of the evolution of animals and the transition from ocean to land, “Creature Evolution” about the evolution of mankind and “Seize your Tomorrow!”, which was a Japanese manga.

Yoko was into keep fit and had many sports outfits from her parent’s home country of Japan.

She also had a big crush on RPD officer Kevin Ryman.

The night the Raccoon outbreak got out of control, Yoko was having a troubled time. She burst into J’s Bar and proceeded to head straight to the bathroom where she began chopping off her hair. It was likely she was trying to change her appearance to avoid being recognised by someone.

Later on in the outbreak she led a group of survivors to William Birkin’s underground lab. There she met surviving researcher Monica who snatched her ID tag off her in a bid to escape the lab with a G embryo sample. There were other dying staff members dotted around the lab who had been attacked by the Hunters running loose. Some of them recognised Yoko.

Much later in the outbreak she accompanied the survivors to Raccoon University where she came across the researcher who wiped her memory, Greg Mueller. Greg began to taunt Yoko but he was killed by Nicholai Ginoveaf before he could fully reveal the truth. However, slowly but surely her suppressed memories began to return to her.

Yoko successfully created the Daylight vaccine sample and faced down the Thantos Tyrant. This was only minutes before the nuclear bomb detonated in the heart of the city.

There were rumours she was able to escape before the blast thanks to a late flyover by two members of the Raccoon fire department, though these rumours have never been substantiated.


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