William Birkin

William was a genius scientist who worked for Umbrella. He was responsible for the creation of the G-Virus.

Born in 1962, William's career with Umbrella began at just 15 years old when he enrolled at the Management Training Facility in 1977. There he met Albert Wesker and the two became firm friends and rivals. William was always very competitive and strived to be the best he could be. His progress was exceptional, earning him rave reviews off the Assistant Director of the facility and he even caught the eye of James Marcus himself, who until then had not shown the slightest bit of interest in any of his students in his 9 years as General Manager.

Despite earning Marcus' trust, both Birkin and Wesker were going behind his back and looking to further their own positions by making covert reports on Marcus and his research to Ozwell E. Spencer over at the Arklay Labs. After compiling enough evidence, Marcus's work on the new Tyrant Virus was exposed as well as his involvement in the dissappearance of several students. The Training Facility was closed down and Marcus was stripped of his position. However, for their loyalty and potential, Spencer had both Birkin and Wesker transferred over to the Arklay Labs, where Birkin was made Chief Researcher at just 16 years old. Birkin was even credited with the creation of the T-Virus following the Marcus scandal.

The first thing Birkin did was abandon the use of leeches in the experiments and instead focused on using the T-Virus to create a human biological weapon. Birkin was heavily influenced in this direction by the Ebola Virus and it's potential as a biological weapon. Birkin also had the Lisa Trevor test subject as a guinea pig for their tests.

All seemed to be running smoothly until three years later when his mindset at Arklay was thrown into disseray by the emergence of one person, Alexia Ashford.

The year was 1981, and word had reached Birkin that Alexia had been made Chief Researcher at the South Pole facility, at the age of just 10. Birkin became jealous of her. Burning with a competitive spirit and without proper planning, he continued with his research and experiments at a breakneck pace. By now, he made made the T-Virus stable enough to create primative human biological weapons, more commonly known as zombies. However, not only was he mutating human genes through the T-Virus, he was also adding the genetic information of other creatures. Birkin had engineered a living biological weapon with an increased emphasis on its combat abilities which would later become known as the Hunter. However, Birkin's poor attitide towards Alexia meant that his work was suffering and many valuable specimens were lost. It was only the cool head of Albert Wesker that prevented the research from being set back even further.

The turning point came two years later on New Year's Eve 1983. Word had reached the staff at Arklay that Alexia Ashford had died in a failed laboratory experiment. This news changed Birkin and he transformed back to his old self. Although his work rate started to increase once more, he forbid Wesker from acquiring a sample of the T-Veronica virus.

It was around this time that Birkin developed a romantic relationship with a female researcher at Arklay named Annette. This was a move that surprised many of his colleagues as up until then Birkin had focused 100% on his research. Despite this, Birkin and Annette were married and in 1986 they had a daughter named Sherry.

1988 was a significant year for Birkin. the T-Virus research reached the third stage and the Tyrant 001 was created. However, the drawback was that only one person in ten million had the right make-up to become the Tyrant, the rest would simply become zombies. The research appeared to be at a standstill. However, when reports came in that the French Division were trying to use organic parasites to create B.O.W.s, Wesker managed to convince Birkin that they should obtain a sample.

When the Nemesis parasite arrived, they injected it into Lisa Trevor. Lisa simply absorbed the parasite and Wesker and the others were at a loss as to what had just happened, but Birkin was the only one to see that something had been born inside of her. This was the beginning of the G-Virus project, and the fruit of Birkin's life work.

With this discovery, coupled with the fact that primary T-Virus research was now complete, Spencer finally made his move and assumed total control of Umbrella. In order to do this he had to dispose of James Marcus, who for the last ten years had been living as a recluse at the old church next to the abandoned training facility, having to watch with envious eyes as Birkin took his own creation to a new level. Spencer ordered Birkin and Wesker to kill Marcus and so they dutifully led a squad of armed men down to Marcus' private lab and had him assassinated.

William Birkin's G-Virus project received immediate approval and Spencer authorised the construction of a huge, state-of-the-art underground research facility which was to be situated underneath Raccoon City itself.

Once the facility was completed, Birkin and Annette transferred there in 1993 whilst Wesker broke up their long partnership together by transferring across to Umbrella's Information Bureau. William's position at Arklay Labs was taken over by John, whom had transferred across from the Chicago branch.

In 1995 Birkin was called back to Arklay Labs along with Wesker to oversee the final disposal of Lisa Trevor. He also estimated that he would only need a few more years before he could verify his findings and complete the G-Virus.

The next few years came and went and by 1998, all research on the T-Virus had been completed. All that was left to do now was acquire sufficient combat data. Wesker had informed him of his intentions to leave Umbrella and when the biological disaster hit the Spencer Mansion and Arklay Laboratories, it seemed like the perfect opportunity had arose. William however, refused to leave until he had completed final research on the G-Virus.

In July, Birkin was given another unwelcome distraction in the form of the Reclamation Project. Umbrella wanted to conduct a detailed investigation into the plausibility of the possible re-opening of the abandoned training facility which had closed down 20 years ago. Birkin and Wesker were reunited once more as leaders of this project. However, after an investigation team had been attacked and killed on site, they realised the facility was also contaminated and that a man claiming to be the late James Marcus was behind the attack.

With Wesker pre-occupied with carrying out his orders as S.T.A.R.S. Commander and luring them into the mansion for Operation 'X-Day', it was left to Birkin to sort out the mess. Before Wesker left however, Birkin provided him with a sample of an experimental virus that would aid him in his mission should he become desperate. Birkin told Wesker that it was a sample from the mutation stocks and had been designed to cheat death. Wesker took it, as Birkin was the only person he had ever trusted in his life. However, not even Birkin knew the reasoning behind this viral sample. It had been given to him by none other than Spencer himself, with specific orders that Wesker inject himself with it. However, Birkin was never told about the Wesker Children programme and never knew Spencer's real intentions behins it.

With Wesker gone, Birkin went to the contaminated Training Facility and activated the self-destruct device in the basement. He believed this would wipe out all traces of the virus and get rid of 'James Marcus'.

Following the mansion incident, Birkin decided to remain at Umbrella now that Wesker had been officially declared dead and summised that with the completion of the G-Virus only a few months away, he was certain to be offered a position on the executive board of the company. When no offer appeared to be forthcoming, he began to disagree with the corporation and he began to make discreet ties with the US Military.

Whilst continuing with the G-Virus, William also taught seminars to other branches of Umbrella and maintained constant contact with Umbrella's man in the R.P.D.; Chief Irons. He ordered Irons to watch out for spies trying to get at him.

The US Military jumped at the opportunity of acquiring William. They had originally intended to purchase B.O.W. from Umbrella directly, but they realised that if they could obtain a brilliant resource such as William, that would be unnecessary.

When Umbrella learned of this betrayal, they sent agents into Raccoon City to forcibly retreive the G-Virus from him. The unit, led by Hunk, shot William and stole the G-Virus sample. As he lay there dying, William injected himself with the G-Virus, turning him into a G creature. He attacked and decimated the special forces team, which led to the T-Virus being leaked and contaminating the whole of Raccoon City.

For the next few days, William continued to mutate and prowled the sewers, looking for victims to reproduce with. He eventually came across his own daughter, Sherry, and implanted her with a G-embryo.

William was eventually finally destroyed when his mutated form attacked the train that Leon, Claire and Sherry were using to escape the city on September 30th. Birkin had almost completely absorbed the train when it's self destruct system was activated, blowing him up completely.


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