Will was a bartender working at J's Bar. Along with Cindy and Jack himself, Will was one of the main full-time staff members. They were a good team and there's a picture of the three of them in the staff locker room depicting happy times together.

He kept a diary which he often used to document how beautiful Cindy's smile was, hinting that he perhaps had a romantic interest in her. He also had a rather unusual habit of collecting hankerchiefs.

He was also a great chef and kept a book of hidden recepies in the bar.

On the night of the outbreak, Will was on shift with Cindy. When the first zombie entered the bar, Will was bitten and pushed it out of the door. Upon locking the door, Will collapsed to the floor with blood gushing from his neck.

Despite the survivors trying to create a barricade, the zombies eventually broke through and they immediately devoured Will. Minutes later he reaminated and joined the ever growing army of undead infesting Raccoon City.


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