Wesker was a researcher employed by Umbrella. Rather than having a regular posting, he worked closely with co-founder Ozwell E. Spencer and in the late 1960's they devised a special plan to create a new 'master race' of human beings which Spencer would later rule over as a 'god.'

This project was named after him and became known as the 'Wesker Children' or 'Project W'. The basic outline involved selecting and capturing special children with above average intelligence from across the world. They would all be given subliminal programming and scientific indoctrination to instil Spencer's values into them and sent out into the world with Umbrella making sure they would recieve the best possible support in pursuing their chosen fields.

To eliminate the less worthy, a special experimental virus was administered to all of these subjects in order to show who would be worthy enough to progress through to the next stage.

However, with the death of Albert Wesker in 1998, the success of the project had decreased down to 18% and that it could only carry on if they went back to previous candidates and re-evaluated them.

The only successful candidates of the project were Alex and Albert. However, both of whom went on to betray Spencer which outlined the fundemental flaw of the whole project.

As for the original Wesker, no one knows what became of him. By 1998 he would have been an old man and if still stationed at Umbrella, could very well have perished in the Raccoon City disaster, however that is purely speculation.


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