Vincent Goldman

Vincent was one of two men fighting it out for the role of Supreme Commander on Sheena Island, a small backwater island purchased by Umbrella some time ago. However, he killed his rival to make sure he got the position.

Following Sergei Vladimir's assimilation with Umbrella, the Tyrant programme has taken significant steps forward in recent years thanks to the ten clones he donated to the company, all of which had compatible DNA for becoming a Tyrant. By analysing these clones, researchers {including Goldman} were able to take significant steps forward towards the answer of solving the host compatability problem.

Goldman's work led him to believe that the answer lay in a special chemical called Beta Hetero Nonserotonin that was present in teenagers as they entered pubity and were at the latter part of developing their secondary sex characteristics. This chemical was produced to counteract the excessive secretion of nonadrenalin from the human brain - a chemical that is secreted when people are in a state of extreme tension or fear. Goldman hypothesised that if he could inject pure Beta Hetero Nonserotonin into a human host, it would therefore become compatable to be a suitable Tyrant host.

The tests were a success and Vincent was sent to Sheena Island to run the Tyrant Producton Factory. All the citizens on the island were employed by Umbrella one way or the other and Vincent was soon acknowledged as the highest authority on the island. While he was a skilful ruler, he was also a brilliant scientist.

The Tyrant Factory was soon up and running and mass-produced new model T-103 units were running off the assembly line as early as August 1998. These units would then be utlized across the world by Umbrella, several of which were sent to Raccoon City following the biological disaster.

Despite his brilliance, Goldman was also intolerably cruel. Children from all over the world were being kidnapped and brought to Sheena for use in his experiments and in order for pure Beta Hetero Nonserotonin to be extracted successfully, the subjects had to have their skulls cut into without the use of anesthesia. He also scared many of the locals with his fearsome reputation.

Vincent proved just how cold he was in October 1998 when a group of guinea pigs confined to the prison launched a daring escape. This guinea pigs were just kids and were valuable to Umbrella as test subjects, yet once they were caught, Goldman personally executed every single one of them. He then ordered the prison chief to cover up the whole incident and then he calmly contacted HQ and told them to send replacement specimens.

This proved to be the final straw for many of the island's employees and together they conspired against him in secret, wire-tapping his private phone conversations as a means of gathering proof of his evil doings. They then planned to report their findings to a group of Umbrella inspectors who were due to arrive at the island within a few weeks in the hopes that Goldman would be removed from power.

Goldman began to suspect something and became even more paranoid when he discovered a spy had been sent to the island. Determined not to lose his status, Goldman unleashed the T-Virus across the entire island. He then made plans for his escape, but first he wanted to catch the spy.

The spy in question was Detective Ark Thompson, a friend of Leon Kennedy's and Goldman apprehended him in his office. They had a scuffle and Ark retreated to his chopper. However, Goldman climbed onto the landing struts, determined that Ark would not escape. The helicopter ended up crashing and Goldman survived the fall, yet was knocked unconscious.

When he recovered, he dispatached numerous T-103 units to track down Ark and kill him. He also had to stay in the shadows himself following the arrival of Umbrella's clean up teams.

Eventually, Goldman caught up with Ark at the Tyrant Plant. He held him at gunpoint until he was killed from behind by the recently released Hypnos T Tyrant.


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