Veronica Ashford

The prestigious and noble Ashford family was created with the birth of its beautiful and very well-educated matriarch, Veronica Ashford. She became known for her stunning beauty and high natural intellect.

At a very young age she demonstrated extraordinary aptitude in every subject. She was especially well-versed in mathmatics, biology and linguistics. By the age of just ten, she already had a post-graduate education, and was fluent in 10 languages. With her good looks and captivating manner of speaking, she would charm everyone she came into contact with. As a result, she naturally won over faithful servants.

A family tradition was born when a butler presented a golden teacup as a commemorative gift to Veronica. This tradition would be passed down the complete lineage of the family.

Following her death, her corpse was mummified and kept in the main European home of the Ashford Family. Veronica is still worshipped by her decendands to this day. Genetic material from her corpse would be used as the basis of the Code: Veronica project.


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