UT Commander

Leader of Umbrella’s ‘Trashsweepers’; a biohazard clean-up unit designed to remove all traces of a biohazard. Due to the dangerous nature of their work, the Trashsweepers are made up of genetically modified humans, whom dissolve upon death, leaving no trace of their existence. However, the UT Commander is a human.

In November 1998, the Commander’s unit was tasked with the clean up operation of Sheena Island following the biohazard instigated by Vincent Goldman.

Whilst the Trashsweepers deployed on foot and secured various checkpoints across the city, the UT Commander coordinated efforts from the air via an unmarked black helicopter. He ordered his team to wipe out all traces in the area, including any survivors they may come across.

Later on in the mission, the UT Commander himself activated the Tyrant Plant’s self-destruct system. However, it is unknown he managed to escape the island before it’s destruction.


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