Tommy Neilson

Neilson was an Umbrella official who was charged with recovering the ‘Nyx’; a stolen B.O.W. prototype that was highly dangerous. The perpetrator was a rogue operative of the Umbrella Special Service called Rodriguez.

The mission was of the highest importance to Umbrella, and despite the city being due to be bombed in a matter of hours, they wanted confirmation that Rodriguez did not succeed with his plans. Neilson was threatened with his life if he did not succeed on this mission and so he personally accompanied the UBCS team tasked with the recovery. Arnold, who seemed to care more about himself than his fellow colleagues or the mission objective, led the unit. Neilson knew all about Code XX, but he kept it a secret from Arnold and the rest of the team, for fear they would abandon the mission.

Sure enough, whilst trying to track down Rodriguez’s whereabouts, Arnold learned of the sterilisation operation, and fled the city on his own. Desperate, Neilson took a rocket launcher and waited for Rodriguez to make his move.

When Rodriguez airlifted off with the Nyx stowed underneath his huey, Neilson attempted to shoot him down, but he missed and only succeeded in knocking the storage crate back down to the ground. Out of time, Rodriguez left the city whilst the rest of the UBCS attempted to secure the crate. However, they were eliminated by the Nyx.

Whether Tommy Neilson escaped Raccoon City or not, is undetermined.


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