Sheva Alomar

Sheva was born into an improverished family. She lived with her parents until the age of eight, when her mother and father were killed during a sudden accident at Umbrella Plant 57 where they were employed. Her uncle, who hoped to gain some sort of monetary compensation from Umbrella for the tragedy, took in Sheva.

When no such money arrived, Sheva's uncle became indifferent to his niece. On the verge of starvation and increasingly obsessed with her deceased parents, Sheva ran away into the savanna, where she was found by a member of an anti-government guerrilla group.

This stranger gave her food, shelter, and a place to finally call home. He also told Sheva the truth behind the supposed accident that killer her beloved parents. In reality, the purpose of Umbrella Plant 57 was to manufacturate bioweapons, although none of the regular employees were aware of what they were creating. The accident at the factory was actually the result of Umbrella's final test on its newest bioweapon.

Once the test was labeled a success, Umbrella concealed the entire affair. With the assistance of the government's army, they destroyed the factory along with the entire town. The truth filled Sheva with a new hatred toward both Umbrella and the government who so easily sided with the twisted corporation. This rage inspired her to join the guerrillas in their fight against the government.

After sever years with the guerrillas, Sheva was given a note that said the guerrillas she was with were planning on making a deal with Umbrella to obtain bioweapons for an assault on the government. Although the content of the message was a shock, Sheva knew it was most likely the truth. She met with the message's sender, a representative from the U.S. government, and worked out a deal. If Sheva helped him apprehend the representative from Umbrella, he would let the guerrillas go. She agreed and the mission was a success.

The U.S. government representative recognized Sheva's abilities and offered her a new life in America. She took the offer and shortly after arriving in America, Sheva's high intelligence and drive allowed her to surpass any and all expectations, even to the point of learning English to a native level in six months. She continued on in America for several years, eventually attending university. After graduating with high honors from her university, that same U.S. government representative, who had become her legal guardian, suggested that Sheva to join the newly formed B.S.A.A. to help others as she had been helped. Umbrella had already been dismantled years prior, but Sheva had not given up her hatred of them and all others like them.

After completing basic training, she was assigned to the unit led by Josh Stone. She trained intensively in practical combat for eight months. After completition of her training, she was hand picked to become a B.S.A.A. agent and became involved in operations throughout the world. Nowadays, Sheva is stationed as part of the B.S.A.A. West Africa division, and her colleagues hold her in high regard. She is known for both her excellence in hand-to-hand combat and her compassionate and honest nature. Currently taking part of the African mission, Sheva partners with one of B.S.A.A.'s top agents and member of the Original Eleven, Chris Redfield, to stop a biological organic weapon transfer in her homeland, Kijuju.


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