Sherry Birkin

Imagine being a 12-year-old girl, your dad has become a hideous monster that is hunting you, your mom has become insane with paranoia, and you are now trapped alone in a police station that is crawling with zombies. That is the life of Sherry Birkin.

Sherry is the daughter of the Umbrella scientists William and Annette Birkin. Sherry was sent to the R.P.D. by her mother after William was infected with the G-virus. Claire Redfield found Sherry all alone in the police station, shocked that such a small girl could survive such an ordeal. Sherry was mature for her age, however, and it showed as she and Claire went through the R.P.D. and the underground sewers, all while being chased by the mutated William. Sherry was eventually captured by her father and infected with the G-Virus. Claire would stop at nothing to save the brave girl, and she eventually found a serum and cured her.

Sherry escaped Raccoon City along with Leon and Claire. She displayed incredible bravery for such a young girl, and deserved to live in peace for the rest of her life, but it was not to be. After the incident, the U.S. government decided Sherry knew too much, and sought to take her into custody. However, they never found her because Wesker took her into his possession. To this day it is not known what has become of Sherry Birkin, we can only hope she is alive and well.


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