Sergei Vladimir

Sergei Vladimir was a member of the Russian army where he rose to the rank of Colonel and is still occassionally called that as a nickname. It was during his army days that he met Nicholai Ginovaef and the two became close comerades.
Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Segei approached Umbrella early the following year, looking for work. His DNA was a rare match for the Tyrant programme and during his army career he had been part of an experimental cloning programme. Ten clones of Sergei had been created which had fought alongside him and after prompting from Nicholai, Sergei donated these clones to Umbrella to further the Tyrant research and it was this act that would lead to the creation of the T-103 model - A Tyrant that would be used as a base-model for all mass-produced Tyrants from then on.

As the years went by, he rose swiftly up the ranks of Umbrella and caught the eye of Ozwell E. Spencer himself, and the two became close. Sergei showed an ardour for following Spencer's orders and made sure that even his most radical of wishes were carried out. He was even prepared to sacrifice his own men, as long as it served the greater good - his greater good, the resurrection of mother Russia. He was also responsible for the creation of the U.B.C.S. and Monitor; an internal group set up to monitor and investigate suspicious company employees. Sergei was based at a small chemical plant in the Cacasus region of Russia.

In the summer of 1998 as the disaster at the Arklay Labs spiralled out of control, Sergei flew into Raccoon City at the personal request of Spencer to retreive Umbrella's newest Tyrant prototype, the experimental T.A.L.O.S. project. The prototype was stored in the labs underneath the mansion, and he had to extract it in secret before the whole place was eradicated in Operation X-Day.
Sergei had always held a deep mistrust of Albert Wesker and held a strong belief, later to be proved right, that Wesker was going to betray them all. On the morning of July 24th, Sergei and his personal bodyguard, a re-engineered T-103 model named 'Ivan', intercepted Wesker as he was about to leave the Training Facility. Sergei showed his disgust that Wesker had failed with the Reclaimation Project and sent Ivan to eliminate him. However, Wesker managed to escape but Sergei took comfort in the fact that Wesker now knew he was on to him.

Later that night, Sergei succeeded in infiltrating the Spencer Mansion and retrieved T.A.L.O.S. before Wesker and the rest of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team arrived. He also got his revenge on Wesker by revoking his access privledges to Umbrella's mainframe computer, hampering his progress to download the B.O.W. combat data he long sought after.

Sergei returned to Raccoon City in September and was inside the helicopter that deployed the T-103 to the RPD. All Umbrella personnel were put under his direct command and he again saved Umbrella's skin by extracting the UMF-013 mainframe from William Birkin's underground lab before it was destroyed. He also evacuated a high ranked Umbrella officer from the city just seconds before directive Code XX sanitised the city on October 1st.

Following the Raccoon City incident, Spencer invested heavily on expanding the factory Sergei was based at into a state of the art research facility. Spencer knew that Umbrella would be blamed for the Raccoon City disaster and that it was unlikely the company would ever fully recover. Because of this, he took more of a backseat in the running of the company, focusing instead on preseving the secret of the Progenitor Virus; this effectively meant Sergei became the unofficial head of Umbrella. Sergei believed that despite the public pressure, Umbrella would never falter and that as long as they had the Red Queen AI, UMF-013 and T.A.L.O.S., they could overcome everything.

In the early years of the new millenium, the T.A.L.O.S. project was completed under Sergei's personal supervision. He also raised much needed funds for Umbrella by signing contracts with many terrorists, arms dealers and unstable contries to provide them with B.O.W.s. One of these customers was South American druglord Javier Hidalgo.
Sergei's world finally came crashing down in 2003 when his facility was raided by a regional biohazard containment team which included former S.T.A.R.S. members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Albert Wesker also infiltrated the base on a personal mission of his own and caused a biohazard which meant Sergei would have to abandon the base.
Sergei decided to face Wesker head on, not surprised for a second to see that the Umbrella traitor was still alive and well after having been reported killed in the mansion incident of 1998. What he didn't plan for however, was Wesker's increased strength thanks to the experimental virus administered to him as part of the ultra secretive 'Project W'. With his new powers, Wesker easily overcame the two 'Ivan'bodyguards and Sergei made his last stand by injecting himself with an unknown virus which mutated him into a hideous monster in a bid to destroy Wesker once and for all. However, Wesker was able to kill Sergei and put the final nail into Umbrella's coffin.

Following the death of Sergei and Spencer forced to go into hiding, there was no one left to fight Umbrella's battles and it wasn't long before the company was dissolved for good.


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