Ron Davis

Davis was the locally-elected Senator of his hometown of Harvardsville. It was rumoured that he was in collusion with the Wilpharma Corporation and clandestinely funded their research by holding a nationwide pharmaceuticals conference that was very likely sponsored by the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium.

This led to Wilpharma being handed a significant slice of the funding made available by the pentagon to create an anti bio-terror programme in response to the sudden increase in bio-terrorism across the world. This money was used to create the state of the art research facility and aerodrome in Harvardville.

He was also a part of the special committee that elected to bomb Raccoon City in 1998.

Davis was a cold-hearted man and believed that prosperity could only be achieved through sacrifice and therefore he justified the casualties of Raccoon City and human experimentation as necessary evils.

He was wholeheartedly in favour of the clinical testing conducted by Wilpharma in India and predicted that with the T-Virus cure, Wilpharma stock would go through the roof, and Davis just happened to be one of their major shareholders.

His world was tuned upside down on October 23rd 2005 when he arrived at Harvardville airport amid a huge protest aimed at him and Wilpharma by NGO, Terrasave. Davis also worked closely with Fredrick Downing, but was unaware of his corrupt side or what he was planning and so he was as surprised as anyone when the T-Virus contaminated Harvardville airport.

Amidst the ensuing chaos, Davis found himself trapped with several survivors, including Claire Redfield, in one of the airport VIP lounges. He was later rescued by Leon Kennedy and members of the SRT teams although he put 8-year old girl Rani Chawla in deliberate harms way in order to ensure that he escaped from the doomed airport first.

Davis revelled in the aftermath, quite happy to place the blame on Claire and Terrasave for the delay in arrival of the T-Virus vaccine.

Following the incident at the aerodrome facility, Claire directly accused Davis of being in cahoots with the terrorists to ensure that Wilpharma came out of the incident looking like heroes. But this was not true for as cold and selfish as Davis was, he would never revert to terrorism to ensure that Wilpharma did not end up like Umbrella.

However, in the weeks afterward, Wilpharma and Davis continued to be hounded by Terrasave and that the incident had only destroyed the public’s faith in the company, and after he had been accused of insider trading with Wilpharma stock he announced his resignation.

Wilpharma was then later bought out by Tricell Inc. Shortly after the takeover was announced, Ron Davis was mysteriously found dead in his office.


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