Rodriguez was assigned to the 2nd Division U.S.S. team, situated in Raccoon City on an unspecified mission. Rodriguez was a rogue agent. He had struck a deal with a researcher named Linda, who worked at the Umbrella Commercial Building in town. She was going to smuggle out a sample of the T-Virus vaccine and he was going to airlift her out of the city before it’s destruction.

However, Rodriguez’ own personal agenda came in the form of the Nyx, a powerful new bio-weapon Umbrella had been working on. As of October 1st, Rodriguez had already stolen the Nyx and was waiting for Linda in the town square. Umbrella became aware of his actions and sent a UBCS team led by Arnold and supervised by Executive Officer Tommy Neilson, to apprehend him.

With time running out, Rodriguez decided to cut his losses and leave Linda behind after he heard over the radio that Code XX had been initiated. However, Tommy Neilson attempted to shoot him down with a rocket launcher. Although, Rodriguez took evasive action, the missile struck the cabling containing the Nyx storage container and it crashed back down to the ground. With no time left to try and recover it, Rodriguez left the Nyx behind and left Raccoon City.

What became of him after the incident is unknown.


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