Rodrigo Juan Raval

Rodrigo was head of security for Umbrella's Paris Lab facility and in charge of prisoner escort. He put his men on full alert due to a security breach at the facility on December 17th 1998. He managed to capture Claire Redfield and personally escorted her to Rockfort Island.

But shortly after their arrival, he let her escape after Albert Wesker's special forces attacked and the island was thrown into chaos from the ensuing biological outbreak.

Rodrigo was actually originally from Rockfort Island and was born in a small village there in 1966.

Later when Umbrella Corporation purchased the island, the village was destroyed. With nowhere else to go, Rodrigo accepted security work with the very group that had destroyed his home.

He allowed Claire to escape because of his growing disgust with Umbrella, and with himself for working for them. He no longer cared about Umbrella's fate, or even his own.

The wound he received during the attack on the island was easily healed with the medicine that Claire brought back for him, but the wound in his soul was not so easily remedied.

Filled with regrets, he went to the underground cemetary and was reunited with his family. However, he was attacked and swallowed by a giant Gulp Worm that suddenly appeared out of the ground. Although Chris Redfield managed to come to his aid, it was a little bit too late, and Rodrigo died peacefully, surrounded by his beloved family.


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