Rita was a Raccoon City cop. She had great respect for Marvin Brannagh and worked closely alongside him. She and Kevin Ryman were selected as tutors for the new recruits that were due to arrive within the next few days. One of these recruits would be Leon S. Kennedy.

On the evening of September 27th, Rita and the others held an emergency briefing in the detective's room in the eastern office. They decided to get help by having Rita crawl out through an old tunnel located underneath the main exhibition in the main hall. Due to Rita's petite size, she was able to squeeze through and leave the station undetected.

A few hours later she found RPD officer Harry, who was in possession of a police van. She contacted Marvin and informed him that they were coming back for them.

Eventually, they pulled up outside the gates to the police station and evacuated several survivors. However, they had to leave Marvin behind and Rita couldn't forgive herself for this. She was comforted by Kevin Ryman.

Whether Rita escaped from Raccoon City alive is unknown.


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