Reynard Fisher

35 years of age, Reynard is an Infiltration Agent for the West African branch of the B.S.A.A. He was a former member of the Minister for State Security for an unknown African country and now carries out similar duties after having entered the B.S.A.A. offices and been persuaded to join.

He is well versed in adapting to to the people of the area he is working in and is held in high regard by his superiors.

In early 2009, Reynard was dispatched to work undercover in Kijuju, Africa. One of his contacts was a local butcher and he provided Reynard with information until he was killed by the Executioner Majini in January. Reynard himself took up a positon at the butcher's shop to further conceal his true identity.

By mid-February, Reynard was able to detect evidence that Las Plagas was indeed present in Kijuju and relayed this intelligence back to the B.S.A.A. Information Office. Days later, Reynard confirmed that known weapons dealer Ricardo Irving was in Kijuju putting together a suspected black market weapons deal. The intelligence that Reynard provided on this matter allowed for the B.S.A.A. to plan an operation to apprehend him. He also heard talk of a rumoured doomsday project entitled Uroboros.

When the operation got underway, Reynard met up with Bravo Team comprising of Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar and provided them with weaponry. He warned them to complete their objective and leave quickly, for Kijuju was a dangerous place. Shortly after that, Reynard was captured by the Majini and executed in the town square by the Executioner himself.


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