Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca was a child genius and graduated from college at the tender age of 18. Rebecca was an expert in chemistry and possessed a wealth of scientific knowledge. In June 1998, she was appointed Field Medic for the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team.

Normally she is precise and highly thoughtful in all her actions, regardless of the circumstances. But she also has a bold side to her personality, progressing through matters at her own pace.

Rebecca was recruited for her extensive knowledge of medicine and first aid. Her youth and lack of experience in combat make her nervous around her teammates, but Rebecca is always eager to help, and she tackled her assignments without hesitation. Alongside Edward Dewey, she was given the responsibility of servicing the team's helicopters.

Her very first mission with the team was on the 23rd July 1998 when Bravo Team were dispatched to the Arklay Mountains to look for missing hikers. After a crash landing, Rebecca discovered an overturned military transport truck and the team discovered that escaped convict Billy Coen was on the loose. Figuring he must be responsible for the murders, they started a search for him. While searching, Rebecca found a train stopped in the middle of the forest, which began to move while she was inside, trapping her. Inside, she found zombies and other undead creatures, as well as Billy Coen.

At first she tried to arrest him, but soon realized she would need help getting off the train alive. The train eventually stopped near an old Umbrella training facility that used to be run by James Marcus. Rebecca and Billy fought through many creatures and began to uncover the true source of the murders- Umbrella was doing research on biological weapons. They also discovered that James Marcus was alive and was the cause of the viral outbreak. Eventually Rebecca and Billy triumphed over Marcus, destroying the T-virus infected leeches that took over his dead body. With the training facility destroyed and the Queen Leech defeated, Rebecca and Billy were finally free. After learning the truth about Billy's murder conviction, Rebecca decided it was best to let him go free, and chose to tell her superiors he died during the ordeal.

But Rebecca’s troubles had only just begun. After separating from Billy, Rebecca saw a large mansion she thought she could seek shelter in. Unfortunately, she discovered it was also crawling with T-virus monstrosities. She took shelter in one of the bedrooms in the Guardhouse and having been exhausted from the events of the previous day, fell into a deep sleep.

Some hours later, she was awoken by Bravo Team member Richard Aiken. He asked her to accompany him on a quest to locate their missing Captain, Enrico. Their search took them through the Guardhouse, down the underground tunnels and through the courtyard garden before finally heading back to the mansion. Whilst on the upper floor of the main hall, Rebecca and Richard witnessed Sergei Vladimir leaving the estate with the T.A.L.O.S. prototype.

Some time later, they were attacked by The Yawn and Richard was bitten. They were later found by Bravo Team member Chris Redfield. Rebecca proved her worth in this mission, assisting Chris by healing his wounds and saved his life by creating a special chemical that killed Plant 42. She also informed him of Umbrella, who up until that point, Chris had never heard of.

Eventually, Rebecca and Chris made it down to the lab to face off against Albert Wesker. Thanks to her bullet-proof vest, Rebbeca survived getting shot by the S.T.A.R.S. captain.

Following his defeat, it was Rebeccas decision to activate the self-destruct device and blow up the estate. Her reason being that there was still a significant amount of T-Virus present that needed destroying.

Following the incident, Rebecca submitted her report to Chief Irons on the incident where she reported Billy Coen as being dead. They apparantly returned to the scene of the MP truck only to find his body had dissappeared. Rebecca put this down to local animals.

Rebecca has never been seen again though it is likely that due to her young age and innocent nature, the other STARS members persuaded her not to join the fight against Umbrella and convinced her to transfer away from Raccoon City to continue her promising career in chemistry.


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