Raymond Douglas

Raymond was a decorated RPD officer and Deputy Chief of Police. During the Raccoon City crisis he was unofficially placed in charge following Chief Ironsí erratic behaviour.

Early on in the outbreak, Douglas liaised with several local agencies to provide rescue helicopters to deploy at various checkpoints across the city to evacuate stranded citizens.

He also came up with Operation ĎMop-Upí which was split into two parts. The first part was tasked to six officers that included Harry, Elliot and Edward and involved the placement of plastic explosives across the town square. Permission to use terminal force was authorised for this op.

The second section involved the evacuation of civilians from the immediate vicinity of Jís Bar. Douglas himself was supervising officer for this section and teamed himself up with Arthur.

Armed with his trusty shotgun, he bravely assisted several survivors in escaping from the street outside Jís Bar. After running through the back streets he was set upon by several zombies. He threw his lighter and instructed the survivors to blow up a nearby gas tanker, therefore killing all zombies in the immediate vicinity.

The Operation itself was a success and the town square was cleared. However, the cost was high and several officers were killed in the duration, including Raymond.


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