Rani Chawla

8 Years old. She was adopted by her aunt after her family fell victim to human experimentation conducted by the Wilpharma Corporation.

Her aunt was a member of TerraSave, the peacefull NGO whom campaigned for victims of bio-terrorism. Rani had gone along with her aunt to meet Claire Redfield at Harvardville Airport on 23rd October 2005. There the three of them were going to take part in a protest against Wilpharma and one of it's major shareholders, Senator Ron Davis.

This was disrupted when a plane crashed into the airport, releasing a cargo of zombie passengers. In the chaos, Rani got seperated from her aunt and took shelter with Claire, Davis and several other survivors in the VIP lounge for Atlas Airlines before they were eventually rescued by Leon Kennedy and members of the Harvardsville S.R.T. team.

Once they had escaped the airport, Rani was successfully reunited with her aunt.


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