President Graham

Became President of the United States following the resignation of his predecessor following the Raccoon City Umbrella scandal.

His administration took a firm anti-Umbrella stance and was influential in the formation of the Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team in which Bruce Mcgivern was an operative. He also co-operated fully with the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium and likely contributed towards the eventual formation of the BSAA.

He also took Agent Leon Kennedy under his wing and in 2002 assigned him a top-secret mission to rid the world of Umbrellaís viral threat.

In 2004, Grahamís daughter Ashley was abducted by rogue operative Jack Krauser on behalf of the Los Illuminados. In response to this, Graham promoted Leon to become the personal protector of the Presidentís family and tasked him to recover his daughter, which he successfully did so.


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