Peter S

Peter was anthe keeper at the Arklay Labs. His room was situated on the first floor of the mansion on the western wing near the greenhouse.

The night before the T-Virus outbreak he was enjoying a poker night with some of his fellow co-workers.

Early the next day he was awoken by Scott from secuirty who told him there had been an accident in the basement lab and that he had to put a protective haz-mat suit on immediately.

Two days later he was checked out by the medical team in the infirmary. He was diagnosed as infected with the T-Virus but this fact was kept hidden from Peter and he was simply told to remove the haz-mat suit and return to work.

Over the next few days, Peter gradually began to succumb to the effects of the virus. His motor function slowed down and his intelligence levels began to falter. This led to several of the MA-30 Cerberus specimens being able to escape thier pens.

He soon developed a rabid hunger and started to eat dog food. He then becaem fully zombified and killed his friend, Scott.


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