Patrick was Spencer's personal attendant and butler at his European estate. Patrick's family had served the Spencer household since the days of Ozwell's great grandfather.

Patrick first came to the estate as a young man in the 1950's. At that time his father was the family butler and Patrick wanted to learn his trade off him. Lord Spencer and his two close colleagues James Marcus and Edward Ashford, seemed to have a bit of a soft spot for him and were forever teasing and playing with him. He remembers fondly one particular day when Lord Ashford led him up to the second floor of the dining room and let him have his first taste of brandy.

Once his father retired, Patrick became full time butler to Ozwell Spencer and remained in that position until just prior to his master's death in 2006 when Spencer decided to relieve him of his duties.

He briefly met Albert Wesker in the mid-nineties, this was before his betrayal of Umbrella, though he didn't seem particularly memorable to him at that point.

Following the dissolution of Umbrella in 2003, Spencer was forced to retreat full time to his European estate after a worldwide manhunt was launched for him.

Over time his health began to fail and all alone, with his dreams of ruling over mankind as a god in tatters, he began to have delusions of finding the secret to immortality. Spencer placed his trusted researcher Alex Wesker in charge of this project and he devoted all his money and resources to make it possible.

However, Alex betrayed Spencer and that left Patrick as the only man Spencer had left.

Despite having no scientific skills, Patrick was ordered to administer a number of guinea pigs the Progenitor Virus. These guinea pigs were all locked up in a prison underneath the mansion. Nearly 30 years prior to this, Lisa Trevor became the first human test subject with the virus at the Arklay Labs and over time she became 'invulnerable' and was known as the subject 'that would not die'. It is likely that Spencer was hoping for a repeat of this outcome in a bid to analyse what made her immortal. However, with no skilled researchers at his disposal, this quest was to be fruitless.

Despite this, Patrick continued to serve without question. Although he had moral doubts about the inhumane experiments Spencer wanted him to perform, he vowed not to break his family's tradition of serving Spencer without question.

Eventually, Spencer asked Patrick to let Albert Wesker know of his whereabouts. To do this he contacted Ricardo Irving, a black market weapons dealer. Ricardo was under the employment of Ada Wong at that time and Patrick knew that Ada had had regular dealings with Wesker in the past.

Following this last act, Spencer, in a seemingly rare act of compassion, released Patrick from his services. Patrick left the Spencer estate wondering exactly what his former master's motivations and true intentions were, just as so many had before him.


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