Osmund Saddler

Lord Saddler was the undisputed leader of the Los Illuminados. Insidiously intelligent, he tricked castellan Ramon Salazar into releasing Las Plagas from centuries of captivity underground. After enlisting the help of his subordinate Bitorez Mendez, Saddler began a process of maipulation upon the residents of the local village by holding sermons at the local church. He managed to convince them that his cult was a force for good and that the first Lord Salazar had gotten in the way of their good deeds. By banishing the Illuminados all those years ago, he had left a tarnished legacy and now the time had come for the village to clense their blood of this sin. In order to do this, they had to be injected with the 'sacred blood' which was infact the Las Plagas parasite. Saddler himself was injected with the 'control plaga'; the master parasite that would give him controll over all the subordinate plagas the villagers had now taken into their bodies. Researchers from 'The Organisation' have theorized that the ceremonial rod Saddler always carried may have contributed towards his control of other subjects as it was believed the plagas could sense ultrasonic sound waves such as a dog could when a dogwhistle was blown.

Saddler made the locals his slaves and forced them to build a massive facility on a remote island formerly used for research. This was only the first step in a plan to realise his dream of using this awesome power to take control of the world. Saddler also employed a local researcher by the name of Luis Sera. Sera's work was invaluable in understanding the biology of the parasites and later several B.O.W.s were produced.

He also recruited ex-military operative Jack Krauser and had him capture the U.S. President's daughter. His plan was to bargain for ransom money which would go towards further funding of the research. He would then inject her with a parasite and then send her back to her father. Once the president and his inner cabinet were consumed by the plaga, they could use their influence to further spread across the country. Saddler also prepared his own personal invasion fleet for use when the time was right.

Aside from the mindless ganado, he also had special modified subordinate plagas injected into Bitorez Mendez, Ramon Salazar and Jack Krauser which allowed for them to retain their own free will, yet still possess incredible power.

When Leon began his investigation into the village, Saddler had him apprehended and injected with a subordinate plaga. He also personally intervened and killed Luis Sera, retreiving the sample he had previously stolen.

Osmund Saddler was eventually killed by Leon S. Kennedy via a rocket launcher thrown by Ada Wong.


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