Nicholai Ginovaef

Part of unit B of Platoon D of the U.B.C.S. Nicholai is originally from Moscow, Russia where he served in the army. Before the fall of the Soviet Union, Nicholai was a member of the well-known Spetznaz special unit, with whom he completed and survived several secret missions. During the Cold War, he took part in a number of political assassinations and insurgency operations, but due to the secretive nature of these missions, much of his history is shrouded in mystery. Nobody really knows how Nicholai came to the U.B.C.S., though it is likely his long-time and trusted friend, Colonel Sergei Vladimir, had a big say in this issue.

Contrary to Mikhail, who's strengths are tactics, teamplay and leadership, Nicholai's skills as a lone soldier are second to none. Nicholai fought in cities and forests, has experience in placing and disarming traps, a good grasp of first aid and is fluent in several foreign languages. With his survival ratio, he's Hunk's only real rival. He can find his way around pretty much every type of battlefield and his survival skills are have earned him a questionable reputation among his comerades. His integrity as a soldier however remains completely unquestionable and his skills are recognised by those high up in Umbrella.

On the other hand, there is growing criticism among his own unit with regard to his survival rate, and he's not very well liked by his own people.

During the private rescue operations in Raccoon City, Nicholai was entrusted with a number of secret duties. Umbrella's true ain was to recover battle data and the medical data for the B.O.W. then under development, and Nicholai was the first of many who were ordered to retreieve it for them. Nicholai destoyed the Raccoon Hospital and tried and ultimately failed to collect a blood sample of the Thanatos Tyrant before evacuating Raccoon City via helicopter just before the missile strike.

In early October 1998 he submitted detailed reports on the incident and was later in contact with Alfred Ashford on Rockfort Island warning him about the former S.T.A.R.S. members. There are unconfirmed reports that Nicholai was actually piloting the helicopter that was firing at Claire Redfield as she was infiltrating Umbrella's Paris Lab facility in December. After that, he seemingly vanished into the background.


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