Morpheus D. Duvall

Duvall was an employee of Umbrella assigned to Research and Development. In the mid-nineties he was supervisor at the Umbrella Waste Disposal Plant, dubbed Benthic Laboratories on an undisclosed island.

He was a very odd individual, obsessed with cleanliness and beauty. He had subjected himself to numerous cases of plastic surgery in a bid to retain his youthful looks. He had complete and total disregard for anything else.

His position at Benthic Labs became under scrutiny after several employees working under him filed reports and complaints regarding his management style. His methods were sloppy, working conditions were poor and the facility in general was running under-par.

The turning point came in 1996 when an accident occurred in which a test subject dubbed ‘Pluto’ escaped confinement and went on the rampage, killing several employees.

Gradually, the situation worsened and Umbrella was not happy with Morpheus’ slow response in remedying the situation. He seemed more pre-occupied with worker health management that escaped biological weapons. Eventually, the company decided to cut their losses and make plans to shut the facility down.

When the mansion incident occurred in 1998, Umbrella decided to take advantage of the situation and used Morpheus as a scapegoat for the incident, providing them with an excuse to terminate his contract. Morpheus was livid and swore revenge.

He was obsessed with beauty and often made comments about establishing his own kingdom where beauty had absolute authority over everything else. He fantasised about constructing his own kingdom deep in Africa as he believed that was where the symbol of power lay. By this he is likely referring to the Progenitor Virus.

Disgruntled, he returned to the now derelict Benthic Labs and hired an architect to construct a hidden bio-sphere and missile launching platform deep on the ocean floor. As Benthic Labs was so out of the way and not a priority facility for Umbrella, no body knew about what Morpheus was doing, the company was far to pre-occupied with the various biological outbreaks happening in the mid-western USA.

Over the next several years, construction of the missile base gradually took shape, and Morpheus recruited a number of followers who were all given jobs at the facility.

Umbrella were still keeping tabs on Morpheus and fearing he was up to no good, sent an undercover agent to act as his ‘aide’. However, the warnings came too late. On September 18th 2002, Morpheus stole three T-Virus samples from the Umbrella Paris facility. He then hijacked the Spencer Rain, a cruise ship that was being used as an auction site for Umbrella’s latest B.O.W. and contained passengers and company VIPs from all over the world.

He made threats to both the United States and China, intending to fire missiles armed with the T-Virus at both countries unless his ransom demand of five billion dollars was met.

Both China and the US sent one agent each to infiltrate the ship and stop Morpheus. Duvall was injured in a grenade explosion and was mortally wounded. He was force to inject himself with a prototype virus he stole from the Paris lab; the TG Virus. The TG Virus was created by fusing the T-Virus antibody with the G-Virus. This generated electrical properties and gave the user immense power.

The Spencer Rain eventually ran aground on the island housing Benthic Labs and the missile silo and Morpheus retreated, making preparations to launch the missiles.

However, his plans were scuppered by both US Agent Bruce Mcgivern and his Chinese counterpart, Fong Ling. As the G-Virus in his body began to mutate his cells beyond all control, Morpheus was eventually destroyed by the charged particle rifle that Umbrella had created to combat the TG Virus.


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