Monica was an employee of Umbrella and worked at William Birkin's underground laboratory. During the Raccoon City incident, Monica was among a handful of survivors at the lab following an accident in which several MA-125R Hunters escaped from B Level and went on a killing spree. The survivors decided to reduce the temperature to below freezing in an attempt to stop the creatures in their tracks.

Monica decided to take advantage of the confusion by stealing a G-Infant embryo that had been rejected by it's host. She cold-bloodidly shot researcher Frost dead in order to get her hands on it.

However, her escape was hampered as the freezing temperatures in the lab had frozen the controls for the emergency train. She then encountered Yoko Suzuki and a handful of other survivors on the train tracks. Monica recognised Yoko as Yoko had also been an employee of the lab and so stole her security clearance at gunpoint.

Monica made her way up to the turntable in a bid to reach the surface but the operating controls were frozen stiff. However, Monica was then attacked by an unseen assailant and was injured, the sample jar containing the G-infact was smashed and she was implanted.

She then mutated into a fully grown G creature and stalked the survivors as they made a bid to reach the surface


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