Mikhail Victor

Mikhail is a member of Umbrella's U.B.C.S. unit and is Commander of the Delta Division. Originally from St. Petersburg, he rose up the ranks to become first a Lieutenant then a Major in the army of the former Soviet Union. After the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. he left the army and focused his efforts towards helping the ethnic minority of which his wife was a part of. He became leader of an underground guerilla organisations and participated in a number of terrorist actions aimed at liberating various native peoples. Using his impressive leadership abilities, he was highly successful in a number of well-organised actions. He was among other things, responsible for an attack on the residency of the Ambassador.

Mikhail was eventually captured by government troops during a mission in which he tried to lead a group of refugees over the border. In order not to risk the lives of the civillians that were with them, he and his comerades immediately surrendered. During his trial, he was sentenced to death and his execution was set for the next day.

However, hours later Mikhail was offered a deal by a security expert who represented Umbrella. In exchange for the safety of his men he was to join a paramilitary unit of the Umbrella Corporation, the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. With certain death looming large, Mikhail didn't hesitate and signed his life away to Umbrella. As part of his contract, his wife and his comerades would be pardoned immediatley and released from jail.

After some time with Umbrella, he was appointed commander of Delta Division, leading 30 strong young warriors. There he truly demonstrated his brilliance as a leader. His powerful spirit of defiance and great leadership abilities forged a highly loyal unit and drew out the best qualities in all his subbordinates.

As part of the Raccoon City rescue operation, Mikhail and his Delta Platoon were desposited into the center of the city and charged with protecting City Hall. They were soon beseiged by zombies and the unit was wiped out. Mikhail was severely injured but managed to survive the attack as the sole survivor. He managed to find Nicholai Ginovaef of unit B and Carlos Oliveria of unit A and together they took shelter in a streetcar parked in the depot of Central Station on Central St/Park St. Because of his injuries, Mikhail was forced to wait in the streetcar whilst the others ventured back out into the city in a bid to find components to get the tram operational again. He met up with Jill Valentine when Carlos brought her back to the tram. Feeling helpless, Mikhail tried to assist his comerades and left the streetcar to search for supplies. He did not get very far though as destroying a pack of zombies on the station platform sapped the last of his strength and he collapsed.

Eventually they managed to get the trolley car running but they were attacked by the Nemesis. Mikhail sacrificed his life to save Jill from the beast by blowing himself and the creature up with a grenade. Despite Mikhail's bravery, the Nemesis was only slowed down.


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