Miguel Grande

Miguel Grande was a military general and leader of the Republic of Bajirib. He was the latest in a long list of countries that sponsored terrorism.

He saw the potential of the T-Virus as a biological weapon but rather than deal with Umbrella themselves, Grande was contacted by an ex-employee of the corporation called Fredrick Downing. What made Downing’s offer so appealing was that he was willing to sell the virus as a set complete with a vaccine that he had personally developed.

In order to showcase the virus to Grande, small T-virus led terrorist attacks were carried out across India and officially, Wilpharma conducted clinical trials on the victims with their vaccine. In reality, this was all staged by Downing to showcase the power of the virus to Grande.

Aware that many other world terrorists had access to the T-Virus and other biological weapons available from Umbrella, Grande wanted to take things a step further and expressed interest in the G-Virus.

In exchange for extra money, Downing agreed to provide data on the G-Virus for Grande. To do this he manipulated troubled Curtis Miller into injecting himself with the G sample that Downing had personally stolen from William Birkin’s lab seven years ago. As Cutis mutated and began to wreck havoc, Downing ensured cameras were recording the whole thing so he could later send the footage to Grande.

However, as the virus was so volatile, Downing tried to persuade Grande not to use it.

Before their transaction could take place however, Downing was exposed and arrested by the authorities. In his confession, he named Miguel Grande as one of his potential customers.

To save face, Grande pulled out of any deals involving bio-weaponry and suddenly decided to participate in central Asian disarmament conference. Government sources were optimistic about his turn-around and officially the reason given was that it would alleviate economic blockades, but in reality it was because his ability to produce biological weapons had been removed.


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