Michael Warren

Michael Warren was Raccoon City's last ever Mayor and was in office for 11 years from 1987-1998.

He first came to the city in 1963 as an electrical engineer to bring power to the city. Following that, in 1968 he pioneered the cable car sytem and it was thanks to important contriubutions such as this that won him a landslide election to become Mayor in 1987. Thanks to his unswerving commitment to promoting the city's development, a bronze statue of him was placed in city hall.

Behind his clean-cut image however, was a man who sectrely colluded with Umbrella Corporation, embezzled money, and took kickbacks regularly. In order to line his own pockets, he invited Umbrella to build factory after factory in his town. In fact, Umbrella was the main sponsor of Raccoon City's City Management Plan; A Bright 21st Century for Raccoon City, which allowed for the creation of the Raccoon City branch of the elite S.T.A.R.S. unit.

Warren fell into a panic when his failure to monitor Umbrella's growth resulted in the city's tragic biological calamity in September 1998. To make matters worse, instead of devoting himself to saving the people of the city, he fled like a coward and placed himself under the protection of the U.S. Military. He even abandoned his own daughter, leaving her under the protection of bent police chief Brian Irons.


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