Marvin Branagh

Marvin was a Raccoon City cop and was due to be the supervising officer of new recruit, Leon S. Kennedy. He also worked closely with officers Kevin Ryman and Rita. He was most likely a sergeant.

Prior to the Raccoon City incident, Marvin was dealing with a crime concerning the theft of a jewel from the municipal building in city hall. However, as the outbreak occurred, he had to suspend the case due to a lack of available officers. The jewel was recovered and kept in the evidence room of the R.P.D. until further enquiries could be made.

As the outbreak spiralled out of control, all order in the police station collapsed and due to a mixture of mis-communication and confusion the precinct building was effectively split in two. The western wing of the building was completely barricaded off. Inside were several officers including David Ford and Elliot Edward. The main hall and the eastern wing contained Marvin and a small team of officers including Aaron, Fred, Tony and Rita.

Eventually Marvin came up with an escape plan to try and get them all out of there. The plan involved Rita leaving the station safely by using an old ventilation tunnel located underneath the water goddess statue in the main hall. She would then find help and come back to get them all.

Hours later, she contacted Marvin and informed him she had found Harry and a van and that they were on their way back for them. Whilst he was waiting outside however, he let his guard down and was bitten by a zombie. When rescue did arrive, Marvin knew his own personal escape was now futile and so he remained behind whilst everyone else left.

He retreated to the Western Office and collapsed. Jill Valentine later found him some twelve hours later unconscious and couldn’t wake him, but she saw that the zombies had mortally wounded him. By the time Jill had gone upstairs to the STARS office and returned back through the western office chased by the Nemesis, Marvin had disappeared.

The next day, Marvin was still clinging onto life when he was met by Claire Redfield, who had recently arrived in time to search for her missing brother, Chris. He told her about the mansion incident and how no one believed the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members testimonies. He also told her they had lost contact with Chris over ten days ago. He provided Claire with a key card so she could access other parts of the station.

Claire vowed to come back for him and when she did sometime later, Marvin finally succumbed to the effects of the T-Virus and transformed into a zombie.


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