Mark Wilkins

Mark was working for a security company when the biological disaster overcame Raccoon City in late September 1998. He was a Vietnam War veteran and had seen his fair share of bloodshed and combat.

Over 50 years old, his robust strength had not dimmed at all. He had tasted the emptiness of war, and there was a side to him that was mentally fragile. Now, more than anything after what he has been through, he just wants to live a peaceful life.

Recently, Mark had been having family problems and was enduring strained relations with his wife and kids. To escape from this stress he would turn to his garden, a hobby he had a big passion for, though he had been neglecting his garden of late. He was also an avid book reader and often turned to them for help rather than other people. The books he read included titles such as ‘The Ideal Father’, ‘How to raise Children’, ‘How to Stop Your Marriage from Cooling’, ‘How to Scold Your Kids’ and ‘Sports with Adult and Child’.

His family troubles had also made him depressed and he turned to alcohol for comfort, though he knew deep down it would not solve his problems. He was trying to branch out into new ventures by taking up both photography and oil painting. He also enjoyed going to the Opera.

Wherever he went, he always carried with him a photo from his military days as it always made him feel so nostalgic.

He was planning on making amends with his family by taking them all on a vacation. He was also going to buy a jewelled ring for his wife and a skateboard for his son.

Mark had just finished his shift the night the Raccoon outbreak spiralled out of control and he and his colleague Bob were enjoying a quiet beer in J’s Bar. Unbeknownst to both of them, Bob had already been infected with the T-Virus and was in the latter stages of infection. He eventually collapsed unconscious just as the zombies entered the bar.

Mark did not abandon his friend and helped him and several other survivors escape from the bar. They made their way upstairs to the roof where Bob finally became a zombie and Mark was forced to shoot him dead.

Mark fought through several other dangerous locations throughout the next week in Raccoon City but whether he escaped from the city before the nuclear bomb was activated has never been officially documented.


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