Manuella Hidalgo

Manuella was born in 1986 to Javier and Hilda Hidalgo. She lived in relative happiness, idolized by her parents until her world was turned upside down in 1991 when her mother developed terminal cancer. Javier's treatment of Hidla with the Tyrant Virus was kept secret from Manuella and she was told later that year that Hilda had died from the disease.

Manuella was brought up wanting for nothing, smothered in her father's generous affection. She attended school in the local waterside village of Mixcoatl.

In 2001, Manuella was only 15 years-old when she found out she was suffering from the same disease that had taken the life of her mother ten years earlier. Javier Hidalgo was distraught at the news and after all his team of doctors could dedece was that the cancer was native to Amparo, he once again turned to Umbrella for help. He was eventually contacted by Albert Wesker after Wesker had learned of his empire having turned his attentions to South America following the turn of the millenium. Javier purchased a T-Veronica sample from Wesker and planned to use it on his daughter.
Javier believed that he could prevent any mutation by constantly transplanting Manuella's organs.

Manuella was taken out of school and her treatment began. Her schoolmates sent her a get-well soon card in which they wrote they hoped she would be back at school the following Spring.

By 2002 the treatment appeared to be working, but local newscasters were constantly reporting an increase in the dissappearances of young girls from the surrounding region. This was because Javier's organisation, the Sacred Snakes, were kidnapping them and traffiking their organs. Eventually, Manuella learned of this when she convinced her private team of doctors to tell her the truth. Horrified that so many innocent girls had died so that she could live, Manuella fled the mansion.

She hid in the jungle for 3 nights and 3 days before arrving back at Mixcoatl. She was helped by the Guide who would later speak with Krauser and Leon. But when the T-virus was unleashed upon the village, the Guide mistakenly believed Manuella was the cause of all the chaos.

Manuella was eventually found by Leon and Krauser. She agreed to take them back to Amparo and to Javier's mansion. Along the way, she admitted to Leon that she was infected with the T-Veronica virus. Despite her father's pleas to return to him, Manuella could not forgive him for the evil he had done and so sided with Leon and Krauser when the final battle came into play. Using her flammable blood, which was a side effect of the virus, she was able to assist Leon and Krauser in defeating Javier.

Following the incident, Manuella was placed into protective custody with the US Government.


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