Luis Sera

Luis was a scientific researcher who returned to his local village in Southern Europe in 2004 to find everyone infected by a strange parasite. Due to his background, Los Illuminados leader Osmund Saddler decided to recruit Luis to further the research rather than infect him.

Luis had been brought up in this area and his granfather used to hunt in the region years ago and taught him all kinds of hiding places.

Intrigued by the potential of the parasite, Luis readily accepted the offer without really thinking about the implications and dark intentions of the strange religious group.

He began extensive studies of Las Plagas and determined that they were social organisms with properties similar to many other natural earth parasites.

For the initial stages of the research, Luis began searching for a practical and safe way of removing the plaga from the host subject. Although this task had been given to Luis with this guise, Saddler’s real objective was to find a way to ensure the plaga could not be removed from the body easily.

Eventually Luis determined that the only viable safe method to remove the plaga was through exposure to a special radiation. However, this needed to be done before the plaga reached maturity otherwise the host may be killed during the procedure.

Eventually countless numbers of Ganado were created as well as several all-new B.O.W.s. Even with the knowledge that Saddler was going to abuse the results of these experiments. Luis could not pull himself away from his research and he was ashamed to admit that his pure fascination with the plagas blinded him to the true research objectives of the Los Illuminados. As a result, he felt he was just as responsible for the situation as Osmund Saddler himself was.

Luis vowed to put an end to the evil of the Los Illuminados but knew he could not face them alone.

In desperation and not having any trust in the local police, he sent an e-mail about his plight to a colleague, however this e-mail was intercepted by The Organisation and this is how they came to learn of Las Plagas. Ada Wong then got in touch with him and offered to take him into custody and protect him in return for a master control plaga specimen.

However, sometime afterwards, Lord Saddler became suspicious of Luis and had him captured and injected with Las Plagas. Through unknown means, he managed to escape and successfully removed the plaga egg from his body before it hatched. He also stole a control plaga sample.

He made his way back towards Pubelo and hid the sample in the woods. He was eventually apprehended once more and locked up in an abandoned farm. He was later rescued by Leon S. Kennedy before they were both locked up by the village chief.

After managing to escape once more, Luis evaded capture until nightfall. He came across Leon's comatose body and left him a note detailing the whereabouts of Ashley Graham and to warn him about the ferocious 'El Gigante' B.O.W.

He later took refuge in a barn as a storm brewed outside and eventually Leon and Ashley caught up with him. He assisted them both when the villagers laid seige to the barn.

He later ran into Ada Wong and went into the forest to recover the sample for her.

He later caught up with Leon once more in the castle but was killed by Osmund Saddler. With his dying breath he told Leon to recover the control plaga sample at all costs. He also gave him some pills that would supress growth of the parasite growing inside Leon's body for a short time.


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