Lisa Trevor

Lisa was born in 1953 as the daughter to Jessica and George Trevor. George was a famous New York Architect who designed and contructed the mansion in Raccoon Forest for Ozwell E. Spencer.

Not long after the building was completed, Spencer invited the Trevor family over to stay. George was still away on business and was delayed so Lisa and her mother set off alone and arrived on the evening of November 10th, 1967.

Lisa was a skilled piano player and performed Beethoevn's 'Moonlight Sonata' on Spencer's grand piano, much to the delight of their host.

However, Spencer had ulterior motives for the Trevor girls being there and they were later captured and administered varying strains of the Progenitor Virus.

Jessica was given Type A but her body could not cope with the effects and she died. Lisa was given Type B and her body fused with the virus and she was kept alive as a specimen.

Lisa was experimented on for over 20 years from that point on. During that time she lost all sense of who she once was and had transfigured into a sight that was tragic to behold.

Furthermore, in 1988, the parasitic prototype for the Nemesis Project was transplanted into her, yielding results that surpassed all expectations. These findings would soon lead William Birkin to the discovery of the G-Virus.

As the tests went on, Lisa began to assault female researchers, apparantly in search of her mother's face. During these attacks, Lisa would peel the faces off her victims and place them over her own.

Umbrella decided to dispose of her in 1995 after her usefulness as a test subject had come to an end. Due to her extremely abnormal physiology, her death was declared only after three days of monitoring for any vital signs. However, even that wasn't enough. She was still not dead.

She was eventually bound in shackles and left to wander the caves deep beneath the bowels of the mansion.


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